Mom shows off shocking 100lb weight loss transformation on national television and launches online course to help teach others how to lose weight.

* Studies by the Centers for Disease Control show that more than one-third  78.6 million  of U.S. adults are obese.

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DALLAS, TX. - Oct. 12, As more and more people are struggle with obesity, it is very inspiring to be able to witness amazing weight loss transformation stories. Tiffany McCoy, from Dallas, TX has struggled with her weight from a very young age. She still remembers being teased by former classmates and feeling insecure and uncomfortable while in the company of her peers. She tried many diets and weight loss plans but still struggled with how to lose weight. In her best selling book about her weight loss journey, 100lbs Later: How I Lost Over 100lbs in 8 Months and How YOU Can Do It Too!, she describes a very painful moment in her childhood where she was relentlessly teased for breaking a swing on the playground when she sat on it. Her turning point came several years later at age 26 when she stepped on the scale, after years of avoiding it. “I was mortified when I saw that it said 250 pounds, I could not believe I had let myself gain that much weight!”, Tiffany says. She immediately started a low calorie diet and began food journaling. Tiffany admits to being an emotional eater and says that eating out of anxiety and stress was a huge problem for her. She eventually lost over 100 pounds in 8 months. After her massive weight loss, she became a personal trainer.  Her friends and family were amazed at what she had accomplished. “I began to get so many questions about how I lost the weight, that I actually created an online course that explains every step I took to lose the weight”, says Tiffany. Her course, “How I Lost over 100 pounds in 4 Easy Steps” is available on her popular weight loss blog called She now works to inspire, motivate and teach others the principles of quick and permanent weight loss. After her weight loss, she was even asked to be a part of the Joy Fit Club, a popular weight loss segment on the Today Show that showcases amazing weight loss stories. She has maintained her weight loss for over 8 years. Tiffany is living proof that healthy and permanent weight loss can be attained, even after years of struggling and failed attempts.